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Doghouse provides a 100% managed hosting service for Drupal and Magento websites that is truly “full stack” - from the sysadmins managing the networks and servers through to our team of programmers who understand your website inside and out, no matter what the problem is, we can solve it.

Our hosting solution is designed to meet the stringent requirements of our Enterprise and Government requirements through addressing the key components of a complete hosting environment; Reliability, Performance and Security.


We offer 99.9% uptime SLAs to our clients, which is achieved through multiple layers of redundancy at the network, server and application level, combined with 24x7 server monitoring. Our production servers are housed in Perth’s only Tier III certified data centre, and we use state-of-the-art Enterprise-grade hardware.


We have the server capacity and engineering skill set to ensure your website remains responsive and stable no matter how many visitors your site gets. We work our clients to build the most cost-effective solutions to their performance requirements.


We take security very seriously. We have a range of security practices we implement that address security at the network, server and application level. These include managed server and website updates, firewall intrusion protection, network and host security monitoring with AlienVault, locked down server configuration and secure web development in accordance with OWASP best practices. Evidence of our security pedigree is that we are in the process of undergoing ISO 27001 certification, with PCI certification soon to follow.


We use Veeam to take complete nightly server snapshots for backup purposes. These backups are stored both onsite and offsite, and we also provide full offsite Disaster Recovery facilities in the event of primary data center destruction. You can rest assured that hosting with Doghouse means your data is secure.


The final piece of the puzzle is support. Doghouse are able to offer 24x7 support contracts backed by Service Level Agreements, where we are contractually bound to address your website issues within set response time limits. No matter what time critical issues occur, we’re there to help.

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