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Virgin Australia required a way to promote the inspirational destinations they travel to, provide useful information to travellers, and enable the option of easily booking flights, accommodation packages and event tickets. Oh, and we needed to integrate all their wonderful Voyeur Magazine content too.

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Inspiration on the Road

The brief was to inspire travellers through rich content, ensuring that the user experience from destination through to booking was flawless across all devices. The Travel Portal was Virgin Australia’s first ever responsive website.

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The Solution

The underlying complexities behind this project were huge. Wrestling the archives of Virgin’s content down into a manageable Information Architecture presented a significant User Experience design challenge. Creating real-time flight and accommodation packages required on-the-fly price calculation and extensive integration into distributed data sources.

Built with Drupal

No other CMS offers the same combination of power, flexibility and refinement. 100% open source and backed by a community of 38,000 contributing developers, Drupal is the foundation upon which anything can be built. You provide the inspiration, and Drupal provides the canvas.

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A tool to inspire travellers

The Result

The Virgin Australia Travel Portal meets all their requirements, and more. Users can explore the locations Virgin flies to, browse available accommodation options and package with upcoming events. The site has also increased Virgin Australia’s digital presence extending their reach beyond the retail flight market capturing users simply browsing ideas for their next holiday.

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