Deep-pitted and spat out the back, what?

Our brief from Rusty was to build an eCommerce platform for both the head office and their international agents. The site was to illustrate their rich surf culture to further engage the surf community whilst providing a sales platform to promote their surfboards and apparel.

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For the connected surfer

One part Magento, two parts Rusty’s surf culture, a dash of their product range and a squeeze of minimalist design - the result, a crisp, clean and at times striking responsive website that we’ve rolled out for both the Australian and US markets.

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The Solution

With Magento Ecommerce as the foundation, we built a platform that increased product awareness through connecting their merchandise directly with their brand content. Our mandate was to improve user experience and increase sales conversions, so a close collaboration with Rusty’s design team was required to ensure the look and feel worked with the site’s architecture. Finally, a seamless integration with SAP ensured their orders are managed reliably through the fulfillment chain.

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The Result

The new site gives them the ability to show off not only what they do, but who they are. Rusty has been around for a lot of years, and with a strong digital presence delivering organic growth, they’re set to be around for a few years more yet.

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