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There are certain industries for whom the Internet has been a game-changer, and health insurance is one of them. Can you imagine researching health insurance anywhere other than online? This is why when GMF came to us to rebuild their site, we took a mobile-first approach - now you can find the best prices and buy online.

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Streamlined Architecture

The new GMF site went through an extensive UX design process, firstly to ensure the user journey for mobile users was as optimised as possible, and secondly to try and tackle some of the drop-off points the previous site suffered from. The result is a website where the entire experience is available right there at your fingertips, without having to force yourself to click around through multiple pages.

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The Solution

In order to make users’ experience as seamless as possible, there is a great deal of complexity behind the scenes. Using Angular.js, we dynamically update the pricing on the site no matter what page you’re on or how many of your personal details you’ve entered. This is combined with a highly dynamic application form designed to streamline the process of signing up, and it’s all done with mobile device compatibility baked in from the start.

Built with Drupal

No other CMS offers the same combination of power, flexibility and refinement. 100% open source and backed by a community of 38,000 contributing developers, Drupal is the foundation upon which anything can be built. You provide the inspiration, and Drupal provides the canvas.

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Hosted with Doghouse

We provide our clients with a 100% full-stack managed web hosting service with managed backups, disaster recovery options, intrusion protection systems and 24x7 monitoring. All this is backed by Service Level Agreements so our clients can rest assured that no matter where the problem lies, we’re available to help.

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Bringing Technology and User Experience together

The Result

This website presented some significant technical challenges during the build, however the underlying technology choices have proven themselves to be the right ones, because the most complex parts of the site are proving robust and error-free. The launch has been an overall success, with a dramatic increase in the amount of time mobile users spend on the site, which was one of its primary design goals.

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