You wouldn't read about it

No sooner than we're settled in to our new office, than the inevitable happens. One Sunday afternoon, I'm casually sitting around at home, relaxing a bit after a long week at work, when Simon calls me...

"Hey mate, can you come down the office? You're not going to believe this, but there's been a flood".

Now this seemed somewhat unusual, because the last time I checked global warming hadn't quite taken hold, it hadn't been raining, and most importantly, we're on the second floor. That's one hell of a flood.

So I get down to the office, and there's water pouring out of the building. There really had been a flood. I get upstairs, and find out the hot water system in the office next door had exploded / failed some time during the evening Saturday night, and had been acting as a high pressure open tap ever since.

Simon already has all the computers and electronic equipment off the ground, telling me it all looks ok, that it was all still turned on and working when he got in. Close call that one. So we start picking up the rest of the stuff on the ground, trying to perch it all precariously on desks and in cupboards. Eventually a 24 hour carpet cleaning guy turns up with a water sucking machine and starts mopping up our office and the office next door. We're lifting up desks and moving furniture and carting stuff all around and this was MEANT to be a nice relaxing Sunday, but here we are, undoing all the hard work of setting the place up we'd done only a few weeks earlier. Sigh.

Anyway, after the carpets had been dried out and we'd aired it off for a couple of days, it's basically back to normal. It's still a little musty in the morning when we get in to work, but I guess we can live with that for now. What a pain though. I wonder if the insurance company will compensate us for our ruined Sunday afternoon!