Why Your Brand Should Be Blogging

You can’t get on a bike, cycle to the shops, hop off and expect to be instantly fit. Sure that would be awesome if you could, but that’s not the way fitness works. Similarly, you can’t write one blog for your business and expect your inbox to start filling up with leads. That’s not the way inbound marketing works.

What you can do is regularly post helpful articles that provide your visitors with valuable information surrounding your industry. Over time, these articles will help build a strong brand presence, while funnelling qualified traffic into your site. 

It’s easy to see how blogging can be a powerful tool in any marketing plan, but let’s look at why.


Visitors are thirsty for relevant, helpful content.

It’s not a good policy to be regularly updating the copy and adding new pages on your website. That would create a terrible user experience and confusing information architecture. Your blog, however, is a different story as it’s all housed under one subpage where you can add as many articles as you like, utilising taxonomy (tags) to help put some form of logic behind the categorisation. 

As an industry report recently stated: “45% of marketers say blogging is the #1 most important piece of their content strategy.” [source]

A word of warning: don’t post for the sake of posting - your articles need to be addressing common industry issues or offering some form of value (like this one ;0 ). Do your research, don’t guess. What is your industry talking about? 

Try and think outside of your core product/service offering. What kind of questions surrounding your product can you answer? What tips or best practices can you offer? Let’s say you sell insurance for cars, caravans and homes. Instead of focusing on your core products, you could write a blog about how to tow a caravan, or why you should never back load a trailer.

Although these topics aren’t directly linked to your core products, they are peripheral to them – and offer real value to people likely to use or benefit from your product. Think about it: your visitor might be new to caravan ownership, so this information would be very useful for first time owners. They click on your link and are now exposed to your product – a truly qualified lead.


Blogging for your business is most effective when done regularly and with purpose.

Every time you write and post a blog, that’s another page to your website ready to be indexed by search engines and subsequently found by prospective clients. 

This is where it gets really interesting. If you’re regularly posting relevant and helpful content that resonates with your visitors, they might even feel compelled to share it via their social channels. Suddenly you’re reaching an entirely new audience of potential clients all the while strengthening your SEO through syndication.


A brand blog will help drive traffic to your website.

Remember that blogging is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Yes, in the short term you will have to invest your time. But over the long term, you’ll be rewarded with steady traffic.

Think of it this way: you could use paid advertising like PPC to drive traffic to your website. However, the moment you stop investing money into it, your traffic will stop too. 

With brand blogging, you’re investing your time - maybe an hour or two each week. After the initial flood of visitors, you receive from syndicating it on your social channels, your blog will begin ranking in search engines. 

That means you’ll continue to receive traffic for days, months, even years without any additional investment on your part. So whilst you’re focusing on important things – like running your business - your blog post is hard at work driving traffic and leads.


Blogging strengthens brand relationships

People connect with people, not websites, brochures or logos. Because blog articles are written by you (or a team member) there is something real for your visitor to connect with - a personal tone, an anecdote, something. It’s also a great way to involve your team and mine them for information whilst putting a face on your business. 

Blogging for your brand isn’t just a flash in a pan, if it was you wouldn’t still be reading about it. The best time to start is yesterday, the second best time to start is today. Open up Outlook, set aside an hour or two every week and make a start.

Lost where to start with your blog strategy? We suggest speaking to the good folk over at The Strategy Agency