Data Visualisation in Australian Government

If Jeremy had his way, Jeremy’s Amazing Graphs would be the name of one of the first agency-created govCMS modules.

Instead, it's very sensibly called govCMS CKAN. But it still makes amazing graphs.

In the past, if you wanted to add a graph to your government website the process was manual and fiddly - often involving drawing the graph by hand in photoshop or illustrator.

But the new module we've developed does away with all of that, allowing you to add a detailed, dynamic graph to your website in as little as a minute.

Because the module speaks directly to via CKAN you get access to a world of information and can turn it into something meaningful.

A wizard steps you through the options for customising the visualisation, allowing you to choose the font, colour, size, spline graph, scatter plot graph and much, much more.

But, as Jeremy the amazing Head of Production in our Melbourne office will explain in more technical upcoming blogs, we've developed the module to allow even greater flexibility. For example, you could combine a bar and line graph, or add a pie graph visualisation plugin.

An example of a graph we prepared earlier

Easy as pie

For you, that is. For us it was six month worth of development and approvals.

There's a reason this is one of the first agency-created govCMS modules.

govCMS CKAN was initially developed as a solution for a  client – a federal government department wanting to post dozens of complex interactive graphs on its website. 

But as we've previously explained, govCMS gives all tiers of government an out-of-the-box open-source Content Management System with unlimited flexibility.

So the module didn't just have to meet the requirements of our client, it needed to be flexible enough to satisfy the requirements of the hundreds of other government agencies that will potentially be using it too.

What followed was a rigorous certification process involving plenty of collaboration with our client, Acquia and the Department of Finance.

The resultant module – as the name suggests – is compatible with all govCMS and CKAN sites. You can download govCMS CKAN via and see an early example of it in action for the Victorian Government.

Sharing a piece of the pie

Being one of the first agencies to receive module certification is a massive coup for Doghouse and for our team it's great to have helped make something people are raving about.

To see it put back in the community for other people to use is extremely satisfying.

Want to know more about making data meaningful? Contact our office.