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Bridging the gap between players and fans

Western Force’s existing website suffered from a poor Information Architecture that saw not only the Force team sadly neglected on their own site, but the community-level club rugby they also run throughout WA was nearly buried under years of poor design decisions.

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Mobile traffic peaks during game day so we developed a responsive platform that feeds live stats, fixture results and updated social feeds straight to fans’ mobile devices.

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The Solution

Behind the scenes, we combined a take-no-prisoners redo of their entire IA, a User Experience design that actually listened to what their USERS need, and some serious engineering work to pull the various content structures together into a coherent whole. Not to mention all the integration work between the website, Opta Sports and Australian Rugby Union’s internal systems.

Promoting Rugby Union in WA

The Result

We’ve built a site with two halves - the Force side and the Club Rugby side. This lets us give both types of users the experience they deserve, while actively encouraging the crossover that Rugby WA are eager to promote. The results have been fantastic - the fans love the Club Rugby side in particular, and don’t forget to check out the live stats in game!

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